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These futuristic videos give viewers an accurate representation of the entire planning. Users can see 360-degree images from multiple locations throughout the property. The video highlights various prominent areas right from the location to the nearby areas, from showing the facilities to showcasing the finest of the houses. The video besides shows a detailed presentation of the project Krushnarang, in which the property is highlighted with all of its key features.

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A Square architect is a well-known and reliable 3D architectural walkthrough services provider. We offer high-quality, interactive 3D walkthroughs of design for a wide range of building projects. With the assistance of our services, you will be able to have access to the plan or design of your dreams. We will also help you determine whether your imagination will truly work in reality. Best-in-class living means living in a charming community, as you discovered in Charoli BK in Pune.



Our Services


This is where your project’s fundamental planning begins. We collaborate with the customer to understand the requirements and communicate the project’s essential criteria.


We begin by creating early design sketches based on the client’s specifications and relative budget, in order to explore and present all of the best-looking feasible possibilities.


Interior designing is not just about good looks, it is about how the spaces extend themselves from within because of intelligent planning. India’s Top architects resonate with this principle



After the project meeting, data collection, and analysis of the client’s thought process are completed, the architect’s main work begins. A thorough study of all the data is performed before starting. All the necessary and possible factors are considered while working, and the core ideology behind every working step is to give the client out-of-the-box results and a satisfactory product at the end. plans







We, at A Square Architects, refine the designs and submit them to the client. This entails electrical and plumbing work, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are also required. We will exhibit your ideas to others and obtain their comments at this time. The architects at A Square meet with their clients on a regular basis to show them drawings of many versions in order to help everyone determine which design is ideal. Disagreements are lessened when the architect designs with the clients’ want in mind. Following the client meetings, the architect evaluates the input and makes improvements. This meeting and reviewing process will continue until the design is finalized.






Now, as the designs are ready and finalized by the clients, the architects move on to the next step of implementing the designs and plans into reality. By collaborating with the developers and putting the ideas in front, the designs are transformed into reality. 



A SQUARE has the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across. We believe that the quality of our environment determines the quality of our future.


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